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Hello and welcome to my LJ!!
It's about time that I post one of these up^^
Enjoy the stuff :]

Anyway, feel free to add me :] but before/after you click that ADD FRIEND link/button, it would be nice if you can leave me a little comment here. Don't worry, I don't bite...I just think that it would be nice to try to get to know the people who friend-ed me here^^ Besides, my LJ is pretty open; from my graphics to my personal ramblings and pic spams!! *but that might change soon XD, it might become friends only* So just leave me a little something, you can say/type whatever you want!! I'm glad that you dropped by and I hope to talk to you soon!! Happy happy days & always take care^^
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I have no idea what to say.

I was away for too long and the last time I updated this journal was in 2014. We're about halfway through 218 now and I have no idea if the friends I've made back then in this fandom are still around.

I still love ARASHI.
Being away from the fandom never changed that.
I don't think anything ever will, honestly.

I figured it was about time I came back home to the fandom and to the group I adore so much.

So, here I am.

I'll be updating my journal in the coming days.
I look forward to talking with everyone again.
The stans from way back and the new ones.

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Let's get this ARASHI party started.
Come & get it while it's HOT.

I was planning to post this tomorrow night but since my plans got cancelled and I'm just sitting around at home, I figured I might as well. As usual - DO NOT COPY, MODIFY & STEAL. Comments and credits are very much appreciated^^

For those still interested in BATCH 1, grab them at:

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Let me start this post with an apology: I'M SORRY.
I've been an LJ user for quite some time now and I'm still bad with LJ cuts.
I've tried multiple times but it keeps ruining my other links and codes so I gave up.
I'll try again later, since this post is darn long.

Managed to put the wallpapers under the cut but now the alignment is off.
** Smacks head on desk! **

Moving on, this is Batch 1
Batch 2 will most likely be up on Sunday/Monday night.

It's been a long time since I did any PS work so it felt like an unmapped region to me all over again but after a while 'familiarity' settled and I was able to work on the stuff in a good steady pace. There are things that I forgot how to do but it made me think of different ways to overcome that so it was somehow frustrating yet fun. Hope you guys like the stuff! Comments and credits are awfully nice and very much appreciated^^

Same rules as before apply. DO NOT COPY, STEAL and MODIFY.
If you'd like to make changes, I can do them for you. I'm just a message/comment away.
To make my life easier, I'd greatly appreciate it if you comment below with your screen resolution.

That's about it from me!! ENJOY.

Let's Play... )

Dara, Dara, Bright Dara... )

Baby Chan-Chan-Chankapa-Na!! Chankapa-Na!! )

It's love, your love - LOVE YOURSELF. )

Nani wo mita? )

Perhaps he doesn't understand emotions. )

I'll try to get this batch up over the weekend^^

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I'm working on this and I took a crappy pic of it.
Totally loving Jun-kun's new jdrama.

Lol. Posting, just because.
I'll start rolling them out this coming weekend^^
If all goes well...

Will be available soon on my LJ page and also DA!


Jan. 26th, 2014 02:26 pm
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I will have to do them in batches since there's quite a lot. Not pictured but also available are other Arashi group wps and solos too of Jun, Sho, Aiba, Nino and Ohno. I have a couple Kanjani 8 wps too that I'm close to competing so no previews for that atm. Forgot to mention that I have a Yama-chan wps as well (requested but open to everyone).

As much as I wanted to preview the other wps I have available, they will have to wait since I'm heading out to wine and dine later tonight^^ Hope everyone makes the most of what they have of their weekend! Have a terrific week ahead to the Monday beauties reading this post^^

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Happy Sunday
Updating my LJ because it's been a loooong time
Hope everyone is having or had a wonderful weekend

I'm actually just going to do a personal update this time. I think I have a few of you added on my twitter & facebook accounts so those people most likely saw these already  I'm sharing them anyway because people like Kin-chan (social media hater? lol)...wanted to see them specially a recent pic of myself so I'll add a couple to this post
Again, it's mostly going to be food. Hahaha!

***Finally...a pic of me! Hahahaha! Happy Weekend!*** )

Anyway, it's back to work Monday tomorrow
I'm off to catch up on animes, dramas and some manga
Do tell me what you've been up to
Til my next post! Happy Days

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I know. This post is looooong overdue XD I'm sorry. Well, it's better late than never. The Ikuta Toma and 2NE1 wallpapers I'm working on are not all done yet so those will be posted some other time. Below are K8 wallpapers. I made them with a lot of space for icons just as requested. A few of them were requested last year and have been sitting in my computer for months XD The person who requested probably forgot about them already. Well, it's a waste not to share so here they are. There are different sizes for most of them. The ones that I made earlier only have a 1024x768 size. As much as I would like to re-size it, I no longer have the psd file. Hope you'll enjoy them anyway!


As always, Do NOT Copy, Modify, Steal.
Please click thumbnail images to download/full-view!
Enjoy them! Credits are always nice.

I'm in a bit of a rush today so I won't type much and just get the images posted.
The sizes will be typed below each thumbnail to avoid confusion.
***** K8 Wallpapers! ***** )***Food Pix & Other Happenings*** )

I'll end it with Aiko-chan <3

I'm off! I need to get ready!

I'm having late lunch later today at Bottega Louie, cocktails at Perch or Drago Centro and dinner at Xai. Tomorrow I'm going to Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. I'm having lunch at The Huntley Hotel's "The Penthouse" followed by some retail therapy then dinner at "The Bazaar" by Jose Andres (SLS Hotel Beverly Hills) then some crepes to finish the weekend at Harajuku Crepe. Hope everyone is having a great weekend too! Take care!
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I was going to post these up yesterday night but I got home pretty late so I decided not to. Anyway, here is another batch of Arashi wallpapers. It's solo's of each member this time. I decided to make some of them in three sizes. If it works out I'll start releasing wallies in those three sizes regularly. I've been feeling awful lately. Don't know if it's because of the recent crazy LA weather, stress from work or my terrible lifestyle and habits. I'm going to quit rambling now so check-out the wallpapers below and have fun using them!


43 Items on this post!!
Do NOT Copy, Modify and Steal.
Click on thumbnails for larger view and to download/save.
Comments are Love^^ Credits are nice!!

** To Infinity and Beyond...and Wallpapers!! ** )

That's it for this week!! Next week will be Kanjani^^
All items are/will be cross-posted to my blogspot, deviantart, multiply and flickr account!!

Once again, here are links to:
my tumblr
my twitter

To those who missed last week's update, here are the links:
ARASHI Group Wallpapers: http://elitejean.livejournal.com/21339.html
My Food-Trips and Aiko-Kitty: http://elitejean.livejournal.com/21629.html

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Sunday night, err morning!! It's past 1Am and I have work tomorrow XD
I've been re-watching movies all day with my sister^^
Livejournal is still under attack too XD
Because I'm bored and not sleepy I'll post pix of my recent food-trips and my kitty Aiko^^


That's about it for tonight!! I am going to try to get some sleep because it will soon be 2AM and I still need to wake-up early tomorrow and get a few things ready before heading to work. I wish everyone a Happy Monday!! Bye-Bye^^

My Tumblr.
My Twitter.

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As promised...here is the first batch of wallies that I'm sharing!!

Click the LJ cut to view them!!


Here is a PREVIEW of my next update!

Although not pictured, there will be Sho-chan wallpapers too!! I usually work in AMNOS order when I make Arashi solo wallies so Sho-chan's always ends up last XD Also, there will be around 3 different wallpapers for each member!! I most likely will be done next weekend so please drop by again when you have time. The week after that will be Kanjani 8 btw!!

To everyone who dropped by this LJ entry..here's a little BONUS for you!!
I did not include it into the preview but I hope that you'll like them^^


I have an android for so the wallpaper size for my phone is different. My desktop screen is 1920x1200 and the other one is 1280x1024. If you're leaving a comment it would be great if you can tell me the resolutions for your desktops, laptops and phone XD I want to make graphics in sizes that a lot of people can use. Just in case anyone is wondering, since I work in the Fashion District my wallpapers are usually shots of printed fabric swatches XD

I'll update later with my personal pic-spam!!
Lots of Aiko-kawaii-ness  and foodies too!!

For updates you can check out my twitter, tumblr and deviantart^^
ID for all three is: elitejean

Happy Days!!

I'm Back!!

Dec. 2nd, 2011 04:17 pm
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Graphics will follow

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[livejournal.com profile] chiishi [livejournal.com profile] arisu_chan25 [livejournal.com profile] shi333 [livejournal.com profile] ann0510

***Pic Spam*** )



Do Not Copy, Modify and Steal!!
Click thumbnail Images to Full-View, Save, or Download.
Sizes on the left are: 1024x768
Sizes on the right are: 1200x800

**Arashi & Kanjani8 Wallpapers** )

I'm working on a ton of wallies right now. Here's a little preview!!
There will be solos of Arashi members & Kanjani8 members as well.
I'll post them up once I finish all of them^^


 That's it for now. Happy Days :]
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Yeah...just wanted to let everyone know^^
I just got so busy...lame excuse...I know XD
Lot's of new exciting (& not so exciting) things happened in my life.
  • We moved  (We still need to buy some new furniture and fix some stuff )
  • My grandparents moved too!! -- they will be with my aunt, uncle & cousin from Sacramento (now in LA, CA)^^
  • My BFF came home 
  • Aiko-chan is on her way to becoming a man-bear-cat 
  • Regarding work, I got assigned to work with university stores nationwide. It's a first in our company since we usually deal with malls and retail stores. So...I had to get another assistant...now I have two!! They're both really great help to me I don't know how I'll live without them.
  • About work again, my boss just informed me that we will start working with a couple spa chains too and he's assigning me to it. I'll be working on it with his wife
  • LA's crazy weather
  • The taxi I was on (on my way to work) hit another car XD It was pretty recent so I have some sort of whiplash going on


Well, there's a whole lot more but I'll leave it at that since I'm at work.
I just read the messages some of you sent so I thought I'd update ;]
Just so everyone knows that I'm still around^^
Don't worry I'll be posting some stuff again...I just don't know when XD

I'm off!! There's still some stuff I need to get done^^
Happy Days!!


Work Drama

Oct. 14th, 2010 05:53 pm
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everything is just going wrong for me today
my boss and his wife told me:

"take it in stride"

somehow i feel 100 times better
sorry for the drama XD
i'm doing overtime so back to work

gif credit: http://jennah-13.livejournal.com/22899.html

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Just got home and my birthday will be over in an hour   Tonight is a night that I will fondly remember in the years ahead  There's no rowdy party, no birthday cake, no candles to blow and no drunk and wasted peeps to take home and worry about. Instead I was greeted with four hellish meetings, tons of paper-work, long phone-calls and overtime.

My body feels tired and my mind is a mess but my heart is in a happy state  I received a lot of strength  from everyone who sent me well wishes and greetings for my birthday. I was reading them earlier and the entire time I was thinking "Oh, so they think about me after all..." because seriously, I'm not always around and more than half the people that sent me messages are people I don't know  Some of the messages I got was mushy...(specially Kin-chan's) and I wouldn't like it any other way I'm happy enough that people thought of me  Thanks to everyone who took the time to write me messages and make me stuff!! I'll keep them in my inbox (at gmail, livejournal, facebook, myspace, friendster, etc.) and read them every now and then...specially when I need a quick picker-upper

I'm off to bed  My boss and his wife are coming back tomorrow so I have to come in early to make preparations and stuff. My birthday will soon be over but I've received a lot of power from everyone so I'll do my best and work even harder from now on
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I just got home
LA is on fire

I'm going to do a pic spam...because it's been a while^^
It's mostly of food  I had this week...and my kitty  Aiko-chan <3
Some of my friends are telling me to become a Yelp-er.

I eat at restaurants  about 2-3 times in a day...not only that but I also get delivery  at work and over the weekend because I can't be bothered to cook ...well, it's really because I can't cook!! I'm also always on the search for new dessert  shops XD I spend a lot of weeknights on those places playing games and chatting with girlfriends  Now that I think about it I've become a regular at quite a few places and I'm often teased by the staff there. They'd tell me...what would happen when you get married? Who will cook then? I'd always laugh and tell them that I'd get delivery or I'd drag my husband out and eat somewhere...I'll probably get divorced  in a year...maybe less...

Actually, I'm already on Yelp I just don't write reviews XD
*Honestly, it's because I'm too lazy...*

***FOODIES*** )

***AIKO-CHAN*** )

For one of my newest buddies from LJ [livejournal.com profile] spiralyte 
I take forever to reply but you are always so patient and kind to me
Thanks for everything dear and I hope you are having a fabulous one
I made this at work a while ago so it's a little plain XD
Enjoy your birthday  dear & may all your dreams & wishes come true


***M-E-M-E*** )

Tag ten people.

I'm tagging more than 10 people I miss and I want to hear from!!
[livejournal.com profile] szani [livejournal.com profile] phoenix_wings07 [livejournal.com profile] arisu_chan25 
[livejournal.com profile] spiralyte  [livejournal.com profile] patziepiva [livejournal.com profile] kaiser_storm [livejournal.com profile] chiishi 
[livejournal.com profile] helloshamone [livejournal.com profile] coolnat466 [livejournal.com profile] shi333 
[livejournal.com profile] atomicmi [livejournal.com profile] ketz12 [livejournal.com profile] jadeswallow [livejournal.com profile] cassiie03 

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Today...is a very good day
My assistant is back *cries tears of joy

My best-friend  is here in LA and she's going to cook for me and feed me tomorrow night
My cousin Michael is picking me up tonight after work so that we can have dinner and chat
He's coming to get me because he claims that I've become to busy too see him
Ah...he's probably going to throw a little tantrum and scold me...even though I'm older than him

I started watching "Goong" (Princess Hours) and I love it!!
I watched "Goong S" (Prince Hours) about a year or two ago though XD
I started watching "Playful Kiss" too^^

There's 2NE1's comeback...I love their new album!!
There's NEWS and Arashi's recent album too!!

Also, thank you to everyone who dropped by my LJ!!
For the messages and comments...thank you


I'm trying my best to get back to everyone^^
i'm sorry that it's taking a long time

Thanks to those who always send me messages on my gmail too!!
MiKitty, Stefani, Samantha, Kin-chan...and everyone else!!

Oh...there's also the kind people at DeviantArt and Flickr!!
Thanks everyone^^ I forgot to take a screen-shot XD maybe next time...

Anyway, life is good^^
I hope it gets even better!!




I want this lovable & cute dork so bad
(gifs are not mine!! credit: leisypeisy.wordpress.com)


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